Other sites with tutorials?

Hi, I am currently working on the landing page. I have completed the tribute page and the survey form. I did all the lessons up to this point but when it comes to actually completing the projects I have been feeling very clueless putting it all together. I started also going through html and css sections on w3school as a supplement and it helps some. I also go back through the FCC lessons.

Are there sites or books that you can recommend that walk you through building projects from scratch so I can see the proper order of steps from start to finish? I think that would really help this sink in. The method I have been using so far is to look at the example given at the top of each assignment and keep going back to that when stuck. It works okay but feels too much like copying to me. I do play around with the code to try and understand how it is working.

I would like to be able to work from scratch on my own while occasionally looking up info as needed.

Any tips would be much appreciated. My projects so far:


There are quite few good ones out on Udemy.

My personal recommendations for free youtube tutorials are


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Also, should I be trying to make these projects really fancy and impressive? Or should I just pass the tests with some basic styling and move on through the lessons?

It’s really upto you :slight_smile:

You should initially focus on having all tests pass. The rest should be add-ons. I would make sure your app works as expected then add more features/styles.

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