Our expanded curriculum is now live on beta.freecodecamp.com and we need your help QA'ing it

I’m thrilled to announce that our expanded curriculum is now live on https://beta.freecodecamp.com

These challenges are still rough, and not all of them work properly yet. We are working to rapidly fix them, and you can help. Work through them click the “bug” button to create a GitHub issues when you discover something doesn’t work (be sure to search through existing issues first).

You’ll also get to explore our React-powered single-page platform, which features Spanish-language challenges (and many more languages to come!)

Here’s an overview of the improvements:

  1. We now have 6 200-hour certificates instead of 3 400-hour ones. These are broken up into:
  • Responsive Web Design (just HTML and CSS)
  • Algorithms and Data Structures (just JavaScript)
  • Front End Libraries (includes React and Redux)
  • Data Visualization (includes D3)
  • APIs and Microservices (includes Node, Express, and MongoDB. These challenges are completed on GoMix.com)
  • Quality Assurance and Information Security (more API building on GoMix.com, but with additional user stories that require security and writing tests)
    Even though we’re phasing out our old certificates, any certificates you’ve already earned will remain accessible. Almost all of the 400+ challenges we’re adding are optional, so you will already be well on your way to claiming these new certificates as well.
  1. All 25 of our required projects will now have test suites. You will know that you’ve fulfilled a user story because the test associated with it will pass. This gives you instant feedback on your project.
  2. We have a new optional section called Interview Prep that includes a ton of advanced data structures and algorithm challenges you may encounter in job interviews. It also has tons of projects that are often assigned as take-home assignments by interviewers. You can build these for extra practice, and to expand your portfolio.

We have a ton of additional exciting features coming later in 2017, too! But for now, we’re 100% focused on refining these challenges and our updated platform, and getting this into production as soon as possible.

Dozens of campers have contributed to our expanded curriculum. We are 90% of the way there, but the last 10% of the work is always the hardest. So join us in helping QA these challenges.

Also, if you build our new testable projects, they will count toward your new certificates. I’ve created a forum thread for each of these 25 projects in our meta category. Just look for “Guinea Pigs needed :hamster:” in the title.

Thanks for your help everyone, and happy coding!


Is our progress saved?


I am binging on FCC this weekend… will give feedback as I work through challenges


I just briefly glanced over what you are now offering in the beta version and I am glad to say that I will be staying with FCC till the end. I was fading away from it as at some stages we as coders were left in the dark but now I see that you are going more into depth and that will help in my personal development. I needed the extra hand to get through your course and I am glad to see that you are now providing that. I cannot wait for this to be implemented. Much love from Ireland,


WOW, fortuitous timing for me - literally just re-started FCC after seasons away.
Quick q: where’s bug button?
Restarted from beginning, & was gonna mention intro slide7 (/12) doesn’t have new certification schema.


Looks incredible. Where does this leave those of us who are currently in the middle of completing a certificate? For example, I’m about to be finished with the React camper leaderboard. Do I just keep going on the current track, even though it looks like the next 3 projects (recipe box, game of life, dungeon crawler) have been either removed entirely or made optional? Or should I switch over to the new d3 stuff since I’ve already built everything in the new ‘frontend frameworks’ project group?


Bug: There’s looks to be an empty unordered list in the basic algorithms.
Bug: When completing a challenge, it sends you to the next challenge but the scroll bars don’t automatically go back to the top.

And, yeah, it looks awesome.


And if we start the new certification program can we reuse projects we did so far in the current certificates?


Wonder, but can you tell me if all the time invested in the previous certificate will be lost? Will there be correspondence of the tasks already done?


Wow, there is so much more information now, you literally filled the gaps and I love how it’s all separated into different categories. I’m going to give it a go for sure even though I’m at the stage of finishing my Pomodoro clock now :blush:
Thanks a lot to everyone who put their hard work into expansion of the curriculum for us! :pray:


I can’t pass the first challenge (Basic Css: Change the Color of Text) :frowning: The <h2> is clearly red, but the test won’t pass.

I tried the next challenge (Basic Css: Use CSS Selectors to Style Elements), and out of the five tests, one won’t pass (again it seems it can’t pick up the <h2>'s color).

These bugs were encountered on Firefox. Works fine on Chrome :thumbsup:


I know this a Beta and way off the finished product but did anyone actually try this before deciding to move forward? Doesnt work on Firefox at all, completely bugged out by Basic Html and Html5 on Chrome, missing elements in the basic algos list, Basic Data Structures: No Title 3? The Geolocation task still doesnt mention the change to the API even tho this has been a burning issue on the forums and chats, so far at a glance, this does not bode well…

Pros - lots and lots and lots of new front end challenges, some concepts have been spread out a bit, i like the ES6 intro and the Regex section, overall it looks fantastic

Cons - Some sections are repeated heavily, to the point of tedium, not alot of bugs from the previous iteration of code camp have been addressed at all, the test framework is incredibly restrictive and theres no hint of the parameters, what happened to user stories? now its literally a case of clone the example, Structure, ID names and all…


Your progress on beta.freecodecamp.com will not be saved. We have a completely separate database just in case there is a bug that might corrupt your account’s data.

Almost all of the challenges are optional, and the projects can be easily resubmitted to freecodecamp.com once we push these updates to production.


Thank you for your feedback. This is exactly the problem we are hoping to address with our significantly expanded curriculum: less ambiguity.

Also, we will cover the fundamentals in much more detail, which will make it easier for campers to pick up new tools and frameworks as they see fit.


The bug button doesn’t appear on some of the slide challenges. But that problem you discovered is definitely something we should fix. Could you take a screen shot of it and create an issue for it?


Awesome - can you create GitHub issues for these? github.com/FreeCodeCamp/freecodecamp/issues/new


@cyclokitty @jspeda Yes - you can re-use existing projects as necessary. None of these projects are being eliminated completely - they’re just being moved to our coding interview prep section, where they’ll be practice “take-home” projects you can build for extra practice.

You can start building the new testable projects now, then submit them in a few weeks once we’ve pushed these to production. Then you can claim the corresponding certificates.


Almost all of these new challenges are optional. Only a few of the required projects have changed. So you may have to build a few additional projects, but it shouldn’t be a huge amount of extra time.


This looks great! I just came back to this site after a couple months of hibernation. I am looking forward to tackling all this new stuff :slight_smile:


@QuincyLarson The new set up looks great! Looks to me like some topics will be going a little more in depth like RegEx for example.

Will the two maps be merged?

Will the challenges I’ve completed so far be marked when the new map is launched or will the two maps remain independent of each other?