Our expanded curriculum is now live on beta.freecodecamp.com and we need your help QA'ing it

Hi Carben, you can click the “bug” button and follow the instructions there. We are using GitHub issues to track issues with beta.

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Hi ! Yes, it’s happens to me every time: on a new exercise, I see my changes from the previous exercise. So I have to run the tests to see the correct display on mobile in relation with the current exercise. Hoping “Try again” layers are not counted ^^

Just started with the beta curriculum (after finishing the front end certification) and I like it even I don’t know how I feel about the new testing suites. Currently reading https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp/blob/staging/CONTRIBUTING.md#contribution-guidelines to fix some minor issues I found so far (missing spaces, double spaces, missing “px” :sweat_smile:). I am also really excited to build the new projects but I was wondering…

@QuincyLarson Am I right to believe ALL completed projects (current curriculum) will be counted as such when beta goes into production … even if they don’t pass the new testing suites?

eg. My “Build a Tribute Page” fulfils all current user stories but won’t pass the new testing. Will I need to rebuild this project to achieve the corresponding certificate?

Happens to me as well, I think the first 10 lessons worked, but after that, the phone preview has stopped working.

It’s a known bug and the exercises don’t run in their own environments either, which you can hit in the visualisation section.

Is there any clarity as to what will happen to the current earned certificates? Since they don’t completely overlap with the newer ones…

Certificates will still be on your account

You can begin the nonprofit work if you had all three of the original certificates

Why the certificates are changing

And it doesn’t even matter


I had an doubt.
I was working on FreeCodeCamp Old Cirriculum.
Now I am shifting to new.
Let us suppose I complete 2 of the 6 certificates before beta goes live .
And then the beta goes live. Will I be able to show those certificates or I have to copy paste the stuff on new live from old beta site?


Just started working through the Beta lessons. I think it is an idea to see an example of the Box Model when you start to talk about margins, padding, and borders. If you could put a link in the directions it will help the visual learner understand the exactly what properties they are modifying.

So far, looks good.

All progress on the beta is lost. So make sure to save all the required challenges/projects some where. It shouldn’t take too long to paste in the solutions to the required challenges and the links to the projects.

@QuincyLarson Thanks for your wonderful move and the hard work that you paid for creating such a wonderful non profit organisation to learn.


Do you have any information about this?

i must say, the new curriculum is great and i am excited to try it,thanks for doing everything Quincy and other contributors.

First of all, big thanks to all who’ve contributed to the formation of beta as it stands today. I am currently on the ‘Quality Assurance and Testing with Chai’ challenges within the ‘Information Security…’ section and wondering about any suggestions to keep the learning progression forward, as these appear unfinished. Skim over and skip to projects, learning as I go along with those? Or…

Update: found this https://thelazyelephant.io/free-code-camp-back-end-projects-mocha-and-chai/

Do we know what the time frame is for release of the new curriculum? I’ve just got started, with the old curriculum, but having done some of the beta challenges in the html there definitely have been quite a bit of changes.

Not trying to speak for any one intimately involved, but beta is far from polished. Definitely need us campers to step up and contribute in whatever capacity we can.

If I had to guess, based on the relative progress, I wouldn’t count on production by the end of the year but maybe I lit a fire :wink:

Any idea when will new curriculum go live?


@dhruvramdev & @tindrew - The best way to judge how close beta is to release is to watch the progress of the GitHub Issues. As @rudolphh pointed out, progress depends on campers contributing to those issues. Please keep in mind that Free Code Camp is built on volunteer effort and even beginners can help by addressing smaller issues. Some issues are as small as changing the wording of a challenge. If you’d like to help get beta out the door, run over and check out the contributing guide.


Thanks for your reply. I love beta testing, I’ve been beta testing video games for years. I already have a github account, my biggest hurdle is learning how to use it. I’ve gone through the basic guide, so I have a rudimentary idea of how it works. I started doing the beta curriculum concurrently with the main sites’. However I just ran into a “something went wrong, please try again later” loop and can’t seem to get past it on one of the basic html challenges. I’ll go see if anything has been submitted on it yet. I definitely want to help get it going.

The way I’ve found to get past those is to hit back in my browser and then forward again. Failing that, sometimes a refresh will do it for me. It isn’t something I got when I was doing the HTML sections a month or two ago, but I’m getting it frequently now with the Basic JavaScript exercises. Must’ve been something new that crept in. Occasionally there is one that just will not work no matter what, but those have been few and far between thus far. Anyway, hope this helps.