Our expanded curriculum is now live on beta.freecodecamp.com and we need your help QA'ing it


@dhruvramdev & @tindrew - The best way to judge how close beta is to release is to watch the progress of the GitHub Issues. As @rudolphh pointed out, progress depends on campers contributing to those issues. Please keep in mind that Free Code Camp is built on volunteer effort and even beginners can help by addressing smaller issues. Some issues are as small as changing the wording of a challenge. If you’d like to help get beta out the door, run over and check out the contributing guide.


Thanks for your reply. I love beta testing, I’ve been beta testing video games for years. I already have a github account, my biggest hurdle is learning how to use it. I’ve gone through the basic guide, so I have a rudimentary idea of how it works. I started doing the beta curriculum concurrently with the main sites’. However I just ran into a “something went wrong, please try again later” loop and can’t seem to get past it on one of the basic html challenges. I’ll go see if anything has been submitted on it yet. I definitely want to help get it going.


The way I’ve found to get past those is to hit back in my browser and then forward again. Failing that, sometimes a refresh will do it for me. It isn’t something I got when I was doing the HTML sections a month or two ago, but I’m getting it frequently now with the Basic JavaScript exercises. Must’ve been something new that crept in. Occasionally there is one that just will not work no matter what, but those have been few and far between thus far. Anyway, hope this helps.


Thanks. I tried that a few times ( also closed and reopened the browser) but that didn’t work. I wound up logging out of the site and then back in, and for some reason that fixed it for me. So far after doing that I haven’t ran into any more yet. fingers crossed.


Hi ,

I don’t see “Advanced Algorithm Scripting” listed in the map. Has this been dropped?


In the beta they’ve been moved to the coding interview and take home assignments section.


I can’t seem to get any information on Projects in the beta. The YouTube videos for the projects are not loading. I see issue #12753 https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp/issues/12753 on GitHub addressing this in January. The post says it was replacing videos with static images, but there’s no image instructions either just a dead YouTube video.

Any ideas on how I can continue with projects? Should I move to non-beta projects instead?



Regarding tests I have the feeling that they are too strict. The point is not to copy their example but in the end that is exactly what Im doing just with different content.
For example the image should be centered within its parents element. But what if I want to put the image on the left side and some text on the right of it? Wouldnt that be a valid way of designing my tribute page?
And why do I have to name my first element’s ID “main”? Why can’t I name it something else?


Yah I noticed that too… I think the links to the example projects are usually still good and then the tests give you an idea of what they expect you to build. I’ve only played around with a few without the videos but I recall the videos were very cursory about logging into the tool and setting up and nothing really about actually solving it.

Maybe scour YouTube for example solutions?


I’m about halfway through the Front End Developer section (working on basic javascript algorithms at the moment) and I’m wondering if I should switch over to the Beta version. I feel like the updated curriculum would be beneficial for me, but not sure if it’d be worth jumping ship or waiting til it’s out of Beta. Thanks!


I agree @atocx, you can just write some html code to meet the requirements for the tests and pass the tests no matter what the page actually looks like. I like having people view my projects not only for code but for form and function. I hope there is still room for human tests.


I agree. For instance this is actually a “passing” portfolio project.and this is a passing technical documentation project. All the tests do is check “did you use this particular class name we abritrarily decided you have to use”, they don’t actually provide any valid metric on the quality of your project.


I switched over and while a lot of the material is the same as the original there is a quite a bit of new material. it is a little buggy but nothing that bad. sometimes i have the right answer but have to reload the page and then run tests again to get credit for completion. other than that its a good time. some of the projects are cool too. there are no videos for them yet but there are examples. i ended up redoing the whole basic js. im just started so i needed to anyhow.


Nice. I think I’m going to make the change over. I could definitely use the practice! It seems like a more rounded and easier to understand curriculum.


Quincy, Whats about the old project we made and the cours we already passed, will they be “checked” or we need to re-doing them again ?

I can see all front end certificate (Responsive, Javascript, …) have the same title "Front end development), what is the point ?


Will the non-profit projects still require finding a partner to do?


As far as I know, the non-profit process hasn’t changed.


I believe they should be checked. If not, you can just resubmit your projects.


I am starting the backend challenges and i’m doing them simultaneously in glitch and cloud 9 just cuz i’d never heard of glitch. i am getting the correct feedback from glitch…for example…the challenge what has us serve our first string “Hello Express” is working in glitch. i just can’t get the tests inside FCC to work when i paste in my apps address. I am pasting in the link same thing that “show live” links to. Am I doing something wrong or is this feature not running on beta? thanks.


I have the same issue, tried the Helmet and Advanced Node Express, but tests never complete