Our expanded curriculum is now live on beta.freecodecamp.com and we need your help QA'ing it


I believe that there is a known issue concerning project links not submitting for some projects. Please check GitHub Issues to see if the bug you are seeing has been reported.


When is the expanded curriculum going to move from beta to released? Will it be released by the end of the year? Looking forward to going though it and do some non-profit work!


Short answer: when it’s ready. You can get to the nonprofit project stage regardless of whether or not Beta is live.

Here is a brief explanation of the decision to wait for a single large release.


On the React tutorial, the test accepts commented code.

For Example:

A problem (React 26) that requires you to use the fat arrow function to update state rather than a regular function. The test looks through the commented code that has the fat arrow version and returns a positive result.

class MyComponent extends React.Component {
	constructor(props) {
		// change code below this line
		this.state = {
    	message: 'Hello!'
    this.setMessage = this.setMessage.bind(this);
		// change code above this line
	// change code below this line
  /*setMessage = () => {
      message: 'Goodbye!'
  setMessage() {
    	message: 'Goodbye!'
	// change code above this line
	render() {
  	return (
        <button onClick = {this.setMessage}>Click Me</button>


If there isn’t one already, please open a GitHub Issue.


From what I understood the new curriculum is 6 sections consisting of 200 hours each meaning 1,200 hours. You may have concatenated those two values to arrive at ~6400 hours.


Submit issues via GitHub.


Just about done with the beta curriculum (working on stock checker), and will likely use the regular FCC as the basis for my continued #100DaysOfCode (for projects not considered) and beyond. Have submitted some issues on the infosec parts, but all in all, amazing program. Took the advice of @P1xt with the YDJS readings etc, and have expanded my knowledge exponentially.

My advice, read the forums for mostly inspiration and the occasional questions you cannot find answered through gitter. Gitter is really, as @P1xt said (at some point) mostly for “groupies” that don’t last long. I myself, could only be on there for so long before realizing that I needed to be more proactive.


I just took a look at the new curriculum, and all I have to say is that you guys have seriously outdone yourselves!


We won’t check projects submitted before beta is launched for anything other than academic honesty violations.

So you won’t need to make your old project pass all the tests. It will just be newly-submitted projects that will need to pass all the tests.


What happened to the beta? The design changed dramatically from a few days ago. The code editor is all white with all black text instead of black box with color text.


It appears that a few things broke recently on Beta. Please check the GitHub issues to see if the problems you’re seeing have already been reported. If not, please submit an issue.

Is Beta FCC working for anyone?

Are those nice shiny “stickers” still available?




I found the link after I asked about it, now when the wife ins’t looking I am snagging myself some swag! Oh, and I can’t get the link you posted to open.


Sometimes the forum gives weird errors on external links for no discernible reason.


GoMix.com is now glitch.com :wink:


Thank you for what you re doing Quincy! I am haitian and I often try to encourage my fellow young friends to take your course!!! And I am glad you expanded it!


Is there a time frame for launching the new format live? I am looking forward to getting started. Thanks for your help!


You can start today …