Our expanded curriculum is now live on beta.freecodecamp.com and we need your help QA'ing it


Do you mean in the beta version?


Yes, it’s working. Only the projects matter and you’ll work on those off-site anyway, so there’s no real progress to lose.


Thanks for letting me know. Are the new certificates from the beta version currently available?


I’ll try to spend some time on this. Big thanks to eveyone who contributed.


I have found that new sign ups on the beta version have been disabled. I am really keen to get going with FCC so what is my best option? Thanks for your help.


You don’t need to be signed in to use it. The progress won’t be saved any way, so it only helps you remember where you left off.


We’re going to re-enable signups on beta before we push the new platform to production. The only thing you need to claim the certificates is completed projects, and you can build those without even authenticating.


Any announcements on the release or a roadmap detailing the release?


Just track this board:

There was an aggressive triage done recentl-ish, so the bug count is probably understated, but you can see what was deferred post-release.


@QuincyLarson’s post in twitter. Still on track for Christmas…


I would love to do the new track and compare with the old one , just not sure if I can do it in a timely manner right now , atleast not until the spring of next year.


We are getting closer to shipping, but unfortunately it won’t be Christmas 2017. Hopefully in the next week or two.

If you’re interested in helping us close the remaining 50 or so beta issues:

Thanks again for your patience and support.

News on the Beta Curriculum?

Where can we look for the announcement of the new release when it happens?


Quincy will undoubtedly post here in the forum as well as on his Twitter, FCC’s Medium publication, and everywhere else related to the community.


Thanks for the info! Will certainly stay tuned in those locations!


@QuincyLarson So which curriculum should I follow now? I am currently on the responsive design part of the current curriculum. Should I abandon it and start the beta instead?


I think the Technical Documentation project is too specific and doesn’t allow for much personal choice.
I spent hours on copying content from Microsoft’s Power BI docs. Then I find out that one of the tests is that you have <code> blocks so I am forced to document a computer language.

And if so, the project’s challenge page should explain that the goal is to build a documentation page for a computer language (and not a device or piece of software).


Would you be interested in opening an issue about this, describing your reasoning and proposing some alternate tests? Here’s the repository:


I think my main issue is that there are no clear user-stories tellingl the user what’s expected of the project before the user actually runs the test, and that was already discussed at length in this issue. I should’ve looked at the test cases before picking a topic, Iguess.


I just went thru the Apis And Microservice > Basic Node and Express section this morning and I must say that I really liked it , it is much better than the learnyounode tutorial that we had to go thru in the current curriculum before starting the backend, better in the sense that it is more practical, or at least I can see where the things taught here are and can be directly applied to an application being developed, whereas learnyounode was more hypothetical, IMO.