Our expanded curriculum is now live on beta.freecodecamp.com and we need your help QA'ing it


First off, in Basic Algorithm Scripting, there is a gap betwee “Title Case a Sentence” and “Falsey Bouncer.”

Second of all, a lot of questions:

I have already earned the Front End and Data Viz certs. I am about half way through the Back End cert presently, and am about to put the finishing touches on URL Shortener Microservice.

The next project for me was supposed to be Image Search Abstraction Layer.

  1. So, am I supposed to not do the Image Search Abstraction Layer and instead make the Exercise Tracker my next project?
  2. Am I working now towards an API’s and Microservices certificate?
  3. And when I have completed whichever branch I am supposed to follow, do I have to revisit projects in Back End and Data Viz before I qualify for the open source projects? For example, should I expect to go back and build the Drum Machine?
  4. What exactly happens to my credit for the Simon game?
  5. Also, what about the all of the React Projects? That was a lot of work! I don’t see those on the new map.


I think that was a typo in our seed files, which we have since fixed. HTML will come before CSS.


@QuincyLarson I can’t find Git challenges in the map, were they removed? I thought that was an important part of the curriculum since everybody uses it. Also the search function does not work in the map, however thanks so much for your work, I hope I’ll be able to help at some point.


Git doesn’t lend itself well to the browser. Instead of interactive challenges, we’ve created a lot of video guides, and we’re planning to create more.


Awesome! I forgot about video challenges since they’re not in the beta map.
Another bug: the “Responsive Web Design” certificate has a sub-section with the same name, and clicking the inner one closes the main one, probably because they have the same href. I’ll report the next bugs I find in GitHub, I promise.


Yes - I would just build the Exercise Tracker instead of the Image Search Abstraction Layer. This project will count toward the API and Microservices certificate.

We will grandfather in old versions of projects (for example, you will not need to re-build a tribute page to pass the tests).


I have the first and third certificate and not the second (React and D3.js). So now what should I do to complete the second remaining certificate and start working on the non profits? Should I do the third and fourth certificate resubmitting the common chalenges (e.g. pomodoro clock) ?
Also I thank you and the team so much for all the time you sacrificed to create this amazing curriculum.


Hey guys! I was going to open an issue for this, but I figured you guys are focused on fixing bugs there so I came here. The problem is in the es6 section you have to add the <script> tags. You would think that the Script tags are already there behind the scenes but they are not so that is making it so there is no syntax highlighting, and your code works, but you don’t think it does because like again mentioned you needed the script tags. Lol I found it because somebody realized that in the main chat that you needed the script tags when we were wondering why it didn’t work. Thanks guys the new curriculum is really coming along well!


@QuincyLarson the previous challenges completed on freecodecamp.com will merge with the beta.fcc?


i think it’s not fair for the people who don’t finish the cirriculum …


I love how it is broken down and all the extra stuff to learn. I’m excited! I’ll try to test some of it this coming week. Thanks for all the hard work you and the team have done!


Hi Quincy,

I have to tell you that I think the test cases for the projects is a excellent idea, and looking at a couple of them, I feel like the method you are using is just awesome! Whenever I complete a challenge, I am always wondering if I am fulfilling all of the expected goals.

Thank you!



I’m going through the Basic JavaScript section, and I was getting a number of failures. When that happened, I would leave the exercise as incomplete and continue on to the next.

I checked the console, and I noticed that test methods for previous problems were getting recalled. I discovered it when running the Comparison with the Equality Operator test and saw a call to a cached version of the Shopping List test in the console, causing my answer to fail.

I did a hard page refresh to clear the cache, and the test then passed. I went back to previous exercises that I had failed, and in all but one case, my solution passed after the hard refresh.

I’m not sure if this is a bug in the test system or a byproduct of the browser (Chrome 55.0.2883.87 in my case), so I thought I would ask here before reporting it as a bug.


The beta freecodecamp curriculum seems exhaustive and too big. 6400 hrs…gosh thats 4 years of work. When it does go live, will the campers who are pursuing the existing path be allowed to continue with their frontend / backend certification or they would be migrated to the new one? . I am currently pursuing colt steele’s bootcamp and will be heading to fcc once I complete it .I intend to get job ready at the earliest however if the curriculum were to be replaced it seems very daunting.


It’s awfully embarrassing because I might actually be missing something totally silly but here:
Beta Version - Basic HTML & HTML 5 - Intro to HTML 5 elements:

<p>Kitty ipsum dolor sit amet, shed everywhere shed everywhere stretching attack your ankles chase the red dot, hairball run catnip eat the grass sniff.</p>

Instructions: wrap the paragraph between opening and closing <main> tags.

Not passing.

If I should use "report Bug " instead or do something else, please let me know ! Obviously if I’m being blind, let me know too… :sweat:


Cool - well no - thanks, and any suggestion as to how I should report those bugs? This thread is mixing up everything so I wonder?


Bugs are reported and tracked as GitHub Issues. When you find a bug, please do a quick check to see if it has already been reported (in which case you can add information instead of creating a new Issue).


I’m guessing that the wrong PR was linked and hopefully there is in fact a fix in place that just needs to be documented correctly. Good catch.


Hi @QuincyLarson - I was trying to sign in as an existing camper on the beta site. For some reason its not recognizing my log in information even though the regular FCC site does. I’m certain I didn’t forget or mistype my password or username - so not sure why this is happening? Do I need a new log in for the beta site? Thank you so much for the help in advance and also thanks for the new challenges!!



cool. I was waiting for the visualization challenges