Our expanded curriculum is now live on beta.freecodecamp.com and we need your help QA'ing it


@ArielLeslie Thusfar every bug I've found (three of them with the correct code failing to complete a challenge) has already been reported and had the issue closed before a fix was deployed.

I think there might be some misunderstanding either on my part, or on the repo moderators part about the proper handling of issues. To my mind you never close an issue until it's confirmed fixed in your deployed code. It seems, to me at least, that there's some overzealous bug report closing going on .... you don't close bug reports you plan to fix, you close them once the fix is implemented and confirmed. Otherwise, you run the risk of forgetting about issues and never fixing them, or not catching the fact that your fix didn't work because there's no open ticket to refer to letting you know the fix still needs QA.


Hi @QuincyLarson - I was trying to sign in as an existing camper on the beta site. For some reason its not recognizing my log in information even though the regular FCC site does. I'm certain I didn't forget or mistype my password or username - so not sure why this is happening? Do I need a new log in for the beta site? Thank you so much for the help in advance and also thanks for the new challenges!!



cool. I was waiting for the visualization challenges


That does seem odd. I've never used GitHub Issues to track bug fixes. Maybe they're getting closed when they've been verified as fixed in staging? All my experience has been in the land of lots-of-process-overhead.


FCC and the Beta site do not use the same database.


Maybe there is a benefit of an alternative to the current beta? Maybe instead of discontinuing the following 2 certificates:
* Front End Development Certificate
* Back End Development Certificate
why not keep these original certificates by inserting them where appropriate in the new map? For me, those are the two milestones that I understand, value most, and fit what I am aiming for. Most of the new 6 milestones, it's much less clear to me about if I reached my goal as Front End and Back End dev. JMO.


@ArielLeslie yep, they already closed my bug report saying it's fixed and that I should re-open it later if it remains broken once they push to beta again.

That's so not going to happen.


Just checked out the map and HOLY SHIT - this is awesome! I think i will be just me and FCC (beta) in the next 2 months ;D


You just spoke my mind @QuincyLarson @P1xt @BenGitter please take note . Keep the original certificates by inserting them where appropriate in the new map it gives a clear distinction of what one can define their skill level as viz. front end / back end / full stack.


Please note: I'm not associated with FCC in any official capacity (I'm not even a mod on the forums) ... there's nothing I can do to sway how the curriculum expansion plays out.


You can simply split the certicates:

  1. Responsive Web Design
  2. Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures
  3. Front End Libraries
  4. Data Visualization
  5. Apis And Microservices
  6. Information Security And Quality Assurance

1,2 and 3 is frontend. 3 contains basic things like Bootstrap and jQuery, but also React and Sass which are slightly more advanced and were previously included under data vis (though the challenges weren't ready). Data visualization is obviously 4. And the last two are backend.

So if you finished the first 3 you would have a decent frontend background.

I don't see the old certificates being added in somewhere, but maybe @QuincyLarson can comment on this. Because like @P1xt, I have nothing to do with the curriculum expansion.


my bad , mistook you as a mod .


Excellent. I"ve jumped in close to where I was on the regular stream and will finish the "Applied Visual Design" tonight. I was wondering off to the side of the FCC path, deepening my knowledge of CSS. This pulls me back on. So far it seems to be a big improvement in the learning flow.


I've started working my way through the map today, so from the very beginning and so I'm not sure it's very useful for your Beta testing as I guess a lot have already jumped right into the projects.

I've just done Tribute Page and Survey Form and it's really great. And I love the extra projects you've added.

I can't wait to discover the rest, you've done such an amazing job !!!!


The new Beta curriculum is intended as a replacement/expansion of the current curriculum. For the most part, the content in the curriculum now is still covered in the new curriculum. For example, instead of a Front End Certification now the content that was in the Front End is spread out between Responsive Web Design, the JavaScript section, and the Front End Libraries Section, except now each of these sections covers in more detail certain subjects that were omitted in the original curriculum. For that reason, it wouldn't really make sense to just add in the current certificates.

Additionally, one key goal of the new curriculum is to make all the projects testable. It's hard to write tests for some of the current curriculum projects, which is why some of these were moved to the optional bonus section. But this also means it would be hard to just add in the current certificates.

While the changing curriculum may be an inconvenience to campers currently in the midst of FCC, the overarching goal is to create an improved educational experience for all future campers. It would be difficult to make modifications to a curriculum like this without creating some inconvenience to anyone currently working through it, but the intention is to create an even better experience!


Don't want to open an issue or pull request - so I'm just stating it here (and maybe it's a bit subjective and device specific). This body .react class with its min-height of 650px really sucks. Every time a textual challenge pops up, it scrolls right to the bottom of the page and I'm seeing the wide white space on my netbook... Not so nice :o


Why BasicCss is before BasicHtml in beta CFF i cannot solve more of problem because of i didn't know html ?! unlike LiveCFF ?! i think the map need some work ?


Awesome curriculum additions!

Question > If I get my front end developers certificate before the change, will that stay on my profile after the change?


Your progress on beta.freecodecamp.com will stay on beta.freecodecamp.com and your progress on freecodecamp.com will stay on freecodecamp.com.

You can resubmit the URLs for projects you've completed. Everything else is optional, anyway, so you shouldn't have to repeat a lot of effort.


Thanks - that is precisely our goal - to give campers more confidence in their work and reduce ambiguity.