Our expanded curriculum is now live on beta.freecodecamp.com and we need your help QA'ing it


This is good to know - I was wondering and asking the same.


@QuincyLarson I joined with Github and then went to add my email address and it said "something went wrong please try again later"



Hi - I just had a quick question....where does the new FCC curriculum leave campers (like me) who have earned the Front-End cert and are in the middle of completing the current React.js and D3.js projects?

I see that the D3 projects seem to be the same, but for example, I'm currently working on the Game of Life, but I don't see it in the beta curriculum.

I'm also among those who haven't done back-end yet....how will that work out for those who haven't done Node.js and any back-end projects?

Thank you in advance, Candis W.


No, don't sign up for a new acct on the beta version....I don't think from reading other posts that it keeps progress. :slight_smile:


Okay sounds good - thanks for letting me know! I'll just wait then :thumbsup: :heart: :relaxed:


Currently I am in the near-end stages of Front End Development. It has been a long road so far, and I don't want to lose all that progress when the changes go live. How will my effort be preserved in terms of what I should do?


A question about the update

Thanks for posting these replies all together :slight_smile: It answers some of my questions. With such a long thread, it was more difficult to keep track of everyones replies....


Was this on the beta version of FCC or on the regular FCC site?


You can still claim the current certifications if you're close. I wish I could give you a more concrete timeline, but there's still an indetermnent amount of QA to be done.


Thanks! We'll be deploying daily builds as we fix these bugs!


The Game of Life project will remain on freeCodeCamp.com after we switch over to our new expanded curriculum, but it won't be part of the curriculum itself. It is still a valuable exercise, but if you're in a hurry, you can instead build the React projects that are on beta.freecodecamp.com.


Thanks for your feedback, and your kind words. I would argue that these new certificate names will look much better on resumes than the old ones, as they are much more focused.

Information Security skills in particular are increasingly important.

I like your chart though and will keep your suggestions in mind.


Yes - we anticipated such a panic, and plan to require as few new projects as possible. In all cases, we're replacing harder projects with slightly easier ones (and all projects will be much easier now that they have test suites that will help eliminate ambiguity).

As for some people having more than 6 certificates, this will be a very small number of people in the grand scheme of things, and having the old certificates will distinguish them as early campers.

For example, now if you want to create a Twitter account, your handle must be at least 5 characters long. But there are still thousands of people with Twitter handles shorter than that.

I don't think new campers will think too much about this, but seasoned campers may notice and respect the fact that someone completed one of the old certificates "back in the day." :slight_smile:


@CandiW It was on beta FCC, I'm sorry i should have clarified


@QuincyLarson Hi, Quincy thank you for inspiring so much people all around the globe. By the way I was wondering do you plan to translate the new curriculum into French?



Thanks for the tips.


Going to be trying it out!


Not really sure which direction to take now that this is on the horizon. I already have the front end and data viz certs and was planning on spending the next month working on the Dynamic Web Application projects before finally moving on the non-profits.

I saw it answered earlier that if you have all three certs you can still knock out the non-profit projects, which would count towards completion of the new final Open Source cert.

The problem is that these dynamic web application projects are massive and are not on the new curriculum. I want to be able to move on to the non-profits as I had previously planned to, but I don't want to waste a month working on projects that are going to be phased out.

My question is this: if I were instead to complete the new API and Microservice projects and the new Information Security and Quality Assurance projects, would those, coupled with my current data viz and front end certs, qualify me to begin working on the non-profits before the update occurs?