Our expanded curriculum is now live on beta.freecodecamp.com and we need your help QA'ing it


Yup, and I'm actually impressed! This is a open-source free online bootcamp and has such a active support .


Hi, i'm only planning to start freecodecamp and wondering where to start. Old curriculum or new one?


Old curriculum, the new one will be implemented on the old one . If you start completing challenges on beta the stats won't be saved. If you want to contribute you can still check the beta and post bugs etc.


Thank you for an enlightening statement on the larger picture.


I agree, and that's how "the world" and many employers see it. Are you a front-end, back-end, or full-stack developer? That's the question we're currently asked.

I LOVE the addition of the new certifications, though. Love them! I would just like to also see the front- and back-end certifications 'inserted' where appropriate as you mentioned.


From what I understand, in an average case, a person should complete the entire Full Stack (cert) map and that is until the full stack certificate is completed, before one would be really and fully ready for work at a company as either a Front-end or Back-end developer. So if the Front-end and Back-end certs were inserted into the new course map, then those 2 certs would both come at the very end, at the same time as when we receive the Full Stack cert. I believe that makes the Front and Back certs obsolete. That's how I understand it, but I might be wrong...you can read this answer which helped me. ( Answer from Quincy )


Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions :slight_smile: I really appreciate it. I've since finished the Game of Life and I'm glad to hear it will still be on the main site. I agree it is a valuable exercise, and that was my main concern as all of the projects are great learning experiences.

Thanks again - Candis W.


No worries :slight_smile:


Just wanted to help out if you were having trouble....


Thank you for answering all of our questions.....this info is really helpful to all of us :slight_smile:


If you're just starting out, I would go ahead with the old curriculum. It's valuable experience and I don't believe some of the first challenges are changing too much. And I think the new curriculum is a few weeks away, by what I'm reading in some of the posts here. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


You would need to complete the new projects (or have already completed the existing versions of these same challenges) before you start working on the nonprofit projects. I would recommend switching over to beta. You can re-submit your links to your projects once we move beta over to freecodecamp.com

Sass, React and D3

Yes - that is my thinking on the manner.


Just to make sure, i only have to complete the projects in order to get the certificates, right? The exercises are optional.


Besides the projects, the algorithm challenges are required as well.

Everything with an asterisk behind the name (on the map) is required.


Will the javascript algorithm challenges carry on to the next version?


I think all of them will be in the new curriculum. The beta map shows all the algorithm challenges that will be included.


Well, after following your link (thanks!), I understand what Quincy is saying, and why they've chosen to run FCC this way. Employment-wise, I've always seen a separation in job titles or positions. I've seen Front-end folks who didn't know a lot about back-end and sometimes vice versa, and a desire for Full-stack devs because they're familiar with or proficient in both. I agree with Quincy when he said, "...we think all web developers should have some basic grasp on all of these topics, even if they end up specializing as a front end or back end developer." I just hope that, in the end, I'm one of them.


Hello there, I have invested 2 days doing the first challenges(I am finishing the JQuery section), so my question is, with the upcoming new curriculum, should I wait for it to come or continue and finish the old one? Will the old curriculum certificates still be valid?
Thanks in advance


@QuincyLarson Is there anything I should do about this bug I found?