Our phone doesn't have much vertical space

I dont have a problem with the task but why keep dropping in words that have not been described or explained. This makes the task even harder for no reason.
What is the meaning of:
"Our phone doesn’t have much vertical space. I only ask because if this word is part of the programming jargon i think it should be explained? I dont see it explained anywhere?

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Challenge: Delete HTML Elements

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Which word? Vertical? It’s a just a regular word you can look up in the dictionary. It doesn’t mean anything different in programming than it does in normal everyday usage.

I know what vertical means and I also know what Phone means I also know what a space is but what is their relationship in this task.? What is their meaning in this task? We have so far in the whole of this HTLM where we are up to not heard a mention of the name phone. or a hint towards a vertical space. Can the moderators of this site not speak to us in more than 1 sentence? why do you all seem to answer a question with a question. Is it because you cant answer . If you cant answer the question dont comment at all please. We are trying to learn hear not play mind games. I am under the understanding this Course was constructed by volunteers of all scopes of the programming world. I would like to know what experience they have in the learning world, Teaching world, Tutorial education world. Its great being the best of the best but it comes to being a different person if you can teach a nobody to be one. I dont want to go through the course again. Oh yes I have already been through once already. But I just did not understand what I was learning.

I legitimately don’t understand what’s confusing if you understand the words being used. Phones don’t have a lot of vertical space, so the challenge is asking you to remove elements so less space is used. What part of that is confusing? I honestly am not sure.

Because it’s a popular and effective learning technique. Because sometimes we don’t understand what you are trying to ask, like above.

We’re trying to mentor and teach. We are not playing mind games.

Many of us have been professional teachers, professors, and tutors.

Learning code is hard. It’s frustrating… We’re legitimately trying to help, bringing all of our years of experience in programming and education.

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