Outdated CSS style property?

Hello there!
I was recently leaning some HTML and CSS on Freecodecamp and, parralel to that, using the learned stuff to make a website. When I was coding in Visual studio code, I noticed that the property grid-column-gap, which is used to style gaps between columns of a grid, was marked as obsolete:

In replacement for that, I found the property column-gap, which seems like being just a shortened version of the old property.

What I want to ask:
Should the old property be removed from the courses, beacuse it’s obsolete?

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Animyos Fox

It probably should.
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Thanks! I will take a look how I can contribute.

It’s not just a shortened name. It works with flex as well as grid, that’s why it’s obselete – the name doesn’t quite make sense any more. But the grid- version will still work fine for the foreseeable future.

Although I’m not sure its quite the time to change yet (Safari only got this in April, Chrome only last summer), it’s definitely a good thing to think about how to update, because it doesn’t just cover grids. It’s not as simple as that: you’d have to think about how to fit it into the flex bit as well if you wanted to raise an issue.

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