Output correct on every other console, yet I am unable to pass test

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I have solved ROT13 and as you can see by the output, the code works the way it is supposed to however I am unable to pass the test. Please could anyone explain as to why this is happening?

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function replacing(str){
  let rot13 = '';
  for (let i = 0; i < str.length; i++){
    if (strAm.includes(str.charAt(i))){
      rot13 += str.charAt(i).replace(str.charAt(i), strNz[strAm.indexOf(str.charAt(i))]);
  return rot13;
console.log(replacing("GUR DHVPX OEBJA SBK WHZCF BIRE GUR YNML QBT."));
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Challenge: Caesars Cipher

Link to the challenge:

Thank you. I found the problem. Actually, I had named my function “replacing(str)”. But the function that the test was looking for was “rot13(str)”. I just changed “replacing(str)” to “rot13(str)” and it worked.

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