Outside project, feedback welcome

Hello, all

In addition to the FCC course, I wrote a speed reading tool.
Right now it accepts text files only.
Please check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks!

This is cool! I like the idea, and I’ve never seen this done before. It works great, my file got uploaded fine, but when I started scrolling, no complete words came up, it was just a bunch of ?, $, 0, @, and random letters thrown in. It could be my computer, and the format of the text doc. as well. But overall, it’s great!!

Thanks! Would it be possible to copy me on the document you were using so I could reproduce the issue?

Hmmm…well, I can’t seem to upload it…it’s a weird format, odt, (Open Document Text) and I can’t seem to change it to file formats they accept here. If you have any ideas of transporting the document, let me know, I’m happy to help in any way! Does it work when you upload just text files? I have Open Office, which isn’t always compatible with the internet, or the world for that matter :no_mouth:

Nice work there :wink:

Oh my, I’m sorry - it looks like I never responded.

I hope you are still checking this forum.

Yeah, right now just text files that end with .txt

Maybe one day I’ll get around to updating the application to accept more.

Thanks again!

Ok, I over-looked that in the very first comment. I tried it with a .txt, and it worked great. Good job!

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