Overcoming failure - or endless solutions?

This probably another of my posts where I should have kept it to myself…and didn’t.

I know I’m not alone in feeling sometimes completely clueless as to where to start when it comes to certain projects.

Something amazing seems to have happened to me very recently, I no longer have the urge to look at people’s code, thinking I won’t be able to do it by myself.

I think it happened right after the first blast of @P1xt 's guides that had sent me rolling in the bushes, butt over head and my hair in a mess.

Must be something to do with pride - in my case anyway, usually when somebody pisses me off ( no offense, dear Guide Maker, it all comes from a place of love :grin:), I come back more fierce than ever.

But there seems to be a pattern already (I say “already” because I’m so new to all this, so it’s a bit weird): I don’t know where to start. So I start with the smallest thing possible. I write some code, totally wrong - but even that helps pointing me in the right direction. I console.log like mad, I check the Dev Tools a hundred times per minute. I discover stuff. Hey, a Node list, great. What’s that?

Eventually I get into the logic and I start writing with a clearer objective.

I start to sense where I’m lacking - can’t solve that yet but I know there’s some logical flaw there, that’s ok, let’s continue.

It’s not the fastest process at all and I must admit it’s quite painful at times. But it does pay off. You build up your resilience. You get back to work.

I don’t know anything about development and programming but I’d say that being able to continue plowing in the face of cluelessness (made that up), ignorance, and all the things out there, is a major skill.

So struggle along my friends, it’s a good sign. Or not? Anyway. Can it be called “failure” when you keep at it?

(with my luck I’ll post this thread and then be faced with major issue in my coding and I’ll come back, bushy tail between my legs begging for help! )

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It’s only failure when you quit trying. Nothing comes easy, except struggle.

Coincidentally, @P1xt, made a post about true grit. Click his profile name and search for it. His post describes what you just typed.

The first time I learned jQuery, it felt like it took forever to understand what to do. Same with Bootstrap, Express, Mongoose, and so on. But now I use them them all the time.

This happens to me everytime I try to learn something new. I get depressed for a while and lose confidence in my abilities. If I stick with it though, it gets easier, and eventually it will click. Then I look back and wonder why I thought it was hard.

Struggle is a sign of progression. If you’re not struggling, you’re not going anywhere new. I think this longer, more painful way of learning is actually more beneficial