Overcoming Roadblocks While Learning to Code in Your Spare Time

Might be of interest for many of us.


“How to know if you’re struggling” … hmm. I really don’t need a method for that, I’ve very very clear signs: beads of sweat among others. :grin:
But thanks !

[Edit] Actually I’ve found that article strangely reassuring (though I find it a bit meh)…so really thank you ! Needed that :sunny:

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The more articles I read about struggling with coding in general and self-taught coding in particular, the clearer it seems to me that we all have the same problems, which is quite reassuring. Most notably lack of time and an overabundance of resources competing for our attention, making it hard to stay focused and actually achieving anything because there is so much to learn. This can lead to frustration due to lack of sense of achievement, which is important for morale.
My personal take-home message from that article was that I’ll focus on https://javascript30.com for the next few weeks or so and see what I can learn there, and immediately try to apply that knowledge to an FCC project.

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Even though I knew right from the start I had to focus on one thing before moving on, I really needed to hit a (first, only the first) wall before I could actually do it. I’m only starting to have some method and a bit more discipline…

We may all be in the same boat, it doesn’t necessarily feel like it ! All the reason to be reminded of it I suppose !

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