Override Class Declarations by Styling ID Attributes

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  body {
    background-color: black;
    font-family: Monospace;
    color: green;
  .pink-text {
    color: pink;
  .blue-text {
    color: blue;
  #orange-text {color: orange;}
<h1 class="pink-text blue-text"id="orange text">Hello World!</h1>

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body { background-color: black; font-family: Monospace; color: green; } .pink-text { color: pink; } .blue-text { color: blue; } #orange-text {color: orange;}

Hello World!

I get these wrong:
Give your h1 element the id of orange-text.
Your h1 element should be orange.

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id="orange-text" you missed the dash ( - ) in your code.

Dude, thanks! Now, back to my normal chaos and paranoia!

Have you done the personal portfolio after the tribute page? I am a little confused for several points. 
1. Do we use the pen feature under Code Pen and can we accumulate multiple free pens? I don't want to have to pay for an upgrade. 
2. I don't recall anything about navigation bars from html through jquery and now at the first assignments. I expect that mine will be a very lame portfolio, especially with a few placeholder images. Thanks!

There is no limit in how many Pens you can create. The limit is in Projects but all of FCC’s challenges can be done in Pens. You don’t have to pay for anything in FCC. Could you elaborate more about your second question?

I apologize for not posting on a separate topic, but you seemed like a fairly experienced developer so I though I would reach back out. I think I have the pen issue fixed. However, it is a little confusing which pen to use as it saved copies of the same pen, so I had to somehow track the changes and hope I got the right one. At this point, I am rather lost because I don't recall anything about a navigation bar thus far, so have to figure that out. As for the social buttons, I don't recall any source as to linking to them, aside from going to a site that links to social buttons and trying to figure out the code. I feel like I went from 0 to 180 mph in the material, and was doing pretty good until 90 (the jquery stuff), then suddenly got lost. Thanks again for any guidance. 

First of all, could you please write your comment in unformatted text? It’s pretty hard to read it the way you write it. Secondly, if you have new questions (unrelated to an existing post), I’d suggest you make a new post so other people that may have the same problem, could find it easier. There’s so many contributors here that your questions can’t go unanswered. If you need to talk to me specifically, send me a PM, I’m more than happy to help you.

About Codepen, you need to create a new Pen in your account for every project, I hope you are not overwriting your existing pens. And last but not least, please give as much info as you can when you have an issue. From what I gather you have an issue with one of the projects but I am not sure which one.