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I’m wanting to contribute to the code base. I’m a full stack developer using the PERN stack at work. I am starting to read the documentation, look through the repo and I got the site running live locally. I am having some trouble understanding how the code base kind of works on a high level, and was wondering if there was a video, or some previous posts that explain it? Some additional info - I’ve used Gatsby but haven’t for about a year and a half so I’ve forgotten most of what I learned. I’m wondering if it’s an issue of not knowing the tech being used or just confused by the architecture / structure of the project as most projects I’ve worked on have not been built by people experienced with enterprise level architectures / patterns. Thanks for the help and hopefully it translates into me helping you all!

Hey there,

great idea to help contributing!

FCC is a monorepo with a lot of workspaces in it. You can see all workspaces in package.json.

I think a good idea is to read through closed pull requests to get a good understanding of workflows, best practices and the area you want to help.

E.g. you can have a look at all closed pull requests for the client.

Your question is very broad, so it’s hard to give you better answers.
Do you have some specific questions in mind?

Hi @miku86 thanks for the response! No this gives me a good place to start, I appreciate the input! I think I’ll start to look through the closed PR’s like you suggested and will report back when I have more specific questions in mind!

When in doubt: https://contribute.freecodecamp.org

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