Overwhelmed by Skills and emerging technology

Let me start from the beginning and share more about myself to seek specific advice.

My age is 23.

I graduated in Computer Science in 2023. I have been freelancing in SEO, building WordPress websites, and creating blogs, earning a bit through Google AdSense.

To be honest, I’ve dabbled in various things but don’t have 100% expertise in any of them.

I ventured into SEO initially to rank my blogs and earn through AdSense. While it seemed relatively easier than programming and other technical aspects, I realized it required more patience and investment. To establish myself as an SEO expert, I needed tangible results like website rankings. Since this took time, I decided to focus on other areas. Despite providing technical SEO services, my programming skills are not top-notch.

Now, let’s talk about blogging. I created several blogs, earning a modest amount. However, the income was inconsistent, and Google even de-ranked my websites. Blogging involves multiple skills like writing, SEO, and backlinking, and it requires investment to rank—a true business.

Next, WordPress websites. I built several as a freelancer, realizing the importance of learning a skill. As I saw others succeeding in blogging, I shifted back but faced challenges due to being a student. Expressing my feelings is difficult as I feel overwhelmed.

I’ve heard advice like “be a shovel seller in a gold rush.” So, I left blogging to focus on learning React.js, HTML, and CSS, aiming to become a front-end engineer. Not because I want to, but because it’s a marketable skill. The plan is to make money and then return to blogging.

The problem is my back-and-forth approach. While trying to focus on coding, I end up on YouTube researching different niches. Freelancing with existing skills faced competition in simple WordPress websites.

What I enjoy is extensive research and going deep into topics. This makes it challenging to sit and focus on coding, as there’s a lot on my mind during the process.

Now, about coding. I view it as a means to earn money once I become an expert. Seeing others succeed after 2-3 years demotivates me due to the perceived long wait.

I need immediate income, and that’s why I feel overwhelmed by too many things. I’m seeking strategies that yield quicker results.

I’m genuinely very confused about everything. I understand that I’m young and have time, but I need to support my family, and my financial situation isn’t great. I also want a job for financial security, but I lack advanced skills. Where and how should I begin?

Additionally, I have a bit of trauma from my university days. I received advice like leaving university to start a business and learn certain skills, which I followed. Although I completed university, I also took a break for a few months. Now, those who advised me to leave university are not doing well in life.

That seems like a lot of changes in less than a year.

If you have computer science degree and you want to be a programmer, then it shouldn’t take you 2-3 years to accomplish that because you’ve already done 4(ish) years of studying. In theory, you should have the skills to get a job as a software developer. If in practice your programming skills aren’t there, then at the very least that education should have set you up to be able to quickly brush up on coding skills. You say that you have a hard time focusing, but then you say that you enjoy extensive research and “going deep into topics”, which seems pretty contradictory. In either case, I tend to let my job determine what skills and topics I become an expert on. If you have strong foundational skills and are competent in the core language that a team uses, you can just go deep on whatever technology stack they use and become a subject matter expert on their industry.

However, it sounds like you don’t actually want to be a programmer. It sounds like you want to be a writer. So…why not focus on trying to get work as a paid writer?