Overwhelmed by the future

Is it the same for all new coders?
Yes I can handle the starting out html, CSS… But looking at regular coding for websites and programs, I can’t imagine being at that level.
Do all new coders feel this overwhelmed?
I mean it’s a lot different from changing a penguins skin color, to having drop downs and multiple input fields.

Hi @JelCode !

This is very common for new developers.

When I first started a year ago, I had no clue how I was going to create my first website.

I knew the basics of html, css and javascript but I didn’t understand how to build up the web pages and how to host the website.

My advice would be to just start by building small projects.
The first FCC projects in the responsive design section are a good start.

That will teach you to break down problems into bit size pieces and work on each problem at a time.

If you keep building projects, and increase the complexity of projects a little bit over time then the feeling of being overwhelmed will start to lessen.

I have also found that the more I start to learn and build the more there is to learn.

Don’t try to learn everything all at once.
Just take it one day at a time.

Hope that helps!


Not only new coders, but all coders in general. Things move fast, there’s always more to learn and more new stuff everyday. There’s never a day where you go “I understand everything!” you do get more comfortable with what you “don’t know” over time though, as you understand what you do know, and don’t you will be able to “find your footing” and not feel as overwhelmed.

It’s worth mentioning that most regular website code you’d see from the dev-tools inspect panel is generated by tooling, and not for “human consumption” IE its purposely fancy/unreadable/overly complex because its built for browsers.
The developer(s) who built this code used some tooling to take their vastly more human-sensible code to generate the site. This is especially true with HTML and JS.

It’s actually incredible rare to write the direct code that ends up in end user’s browser as code your writing has different requirements than what code end-user’s need. Something as simple as sensible naming is incredibly important with writing and reasoning about your own JavaScript but completely worthless for a browser to use your code, to the point it actually has a tiny performance hit due to more characters = bigger code = bigger network request.

Finally, it’s also rare 1 developer creates everything from scratch. There are multitudes of tools, libraries, frameworks for one to leverage to create what they need.

The web might not seem complicated at a glance, but it’s incredibly complicated and not something you just suddenly “know” everything about.

Keep learning, keep growing, keep building :+1:



Of course you are overwhelmed. Reading someone else’s code is intimidating whether you are an experienced coder or not. Sometimes I look at code I wrote myself 3 months ago and it seems to have been written by an alien intelligence. I have to pick everything apart, slowly, bit by bit. It takes a lot of time. You have to descend into code, layer by layer. You cannot read it like you do a book. But even the most accomplished and complicated code is still intellectual lego .

Your own native language is a 10x more complex than any computer language you will ever know. A natural language doesn’t have a few hundred keywords but thousands and thousands of them. Computer languages don’t know exceptions, they don’t have irregular verbs or weird spelling rules. JS is JS, there’s no British or American JS. You learned your native language as a baby without grammar or dictionary.

Anything else pales in comparison.

You will learn all this. Just give it time and work with the material. And if you need more time, like I did, take it.



Thank you everyone for the words of encouragement. I am continuing to push forward. The lessons here make you think, not just copy and paste. I like that very much. I am finding some I already remember what to do and breeze through. I’m also 51yo…so probably not the normal first timer. Lol. I will get there… Not going anywhere :+1:


Keep going, you got this!

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