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Hi ,
I am sounding a bit stupid but I think I couldn’t find section where freecodecamp was allowing you to apply your own code of responsive website it was called some thing like your space.

I don’t even remember if there was a section like this :thinking:

please help me find it , want to apply what I have learned so far.


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That would be neat. I’ve been a student here for a while, don’t remember seeing that. Hopefully someone familiar with such a thing can chime in.

Up until their new responsive web design course, cert projects were completed on CodePen. CodePen is a good place to flex your talents as the page updates as you type, so you get instant feedback rather than having to refreshing a webserver or site. Also, if you are signed up for Github, you get a free github page… the URL will be like https://<username>.github.io/, and its nice because its more of a traditionally hosted page, but you just store your files in the github repo, and its hosted directly from there.

Hope you find what you’re looking for.

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Thanks that was really helpful :smiley:

Github lets you make one webpage for free. I feel like when you are beginning it is helpful to get comfortable with a code editor outside of the fcc platform. I use VS code. Also, you can get comfortable using github with your vs code for learning version control. If you upload your code to github, you can use a site like Netlify to create free webpages. The https from these sites can be used to submit projects to fcc. I hpe this helps

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