P.Clock Help not sure why the checker is giving error below?

Can someone shed some light on why this is please? I have tried a string and an int and still get the same error message?

Unless we can see your project code, it will be very difficult to give you any advice.

@RandellDawson Thanks for at least looking. Here it is. I have changed the break length from string to int. with no change. Its still missing quite a bit, but I was working on getting a few of these number problems right before going to the next step.

@RandellDawson I got it running just with one last error would you mind lending some advice? I got 28/29
here is the link to the project with the checker https://timerp.herokuapp.com/ just can not figure out why its not giving me 25 not 00. Thanks!

here is the code https://github.com/joshuaaguilar20/Clock/blob/master/src/app.js

I am not near a pc right now, but when I get home, I will try and take a look.

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no worries thanks! 20chars