P tag vs label tag with ins and del tags

I know that with p tag is fine like

<p><ins>mynew text</ins><del>older text</del></p>

But what about this with label tag? I mean in all tutorial have writed with p tag and I no idea is also fine with label tag?


<label><ins>mynew text</ins><del>older text</del><label>

Any idea? As i know p tag is display block so label not then is bad with it?


label is a label for form elements - ie you have an input, and something to say what the input is, and that something is a label

<label for="email">Enter your email here:</label>
<input type="email" id="email" />

You know I have a input and have there a label text and i want to make strike on text inside label that can be correct? Like


As the label not a block element thats why ask hmm? I know can be solved with CSS but I try figure out with html tags!

It makes no difference w/r/t using stuff like strike. If you need it block level, then use CSS, but that’s got nothing to do with whether you need to wrap parts of the text in the label in that inline tag

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If you want an element that’s not block, use <span>.