P1xt's guides question

Hi everyone!

This year I will hopefully have full-time for 10 months to finally learn web development.
I’m planning to start one of these two guides from p1xt:

Get Job ready - JavaScript Edition - Version 2.0

Get Job ready with 13 projects, 2 courses, and 10 books

My question is: I understand that these guides where created before FCC’s Curriculum was updated, so now I’m not sure what do I have to do when p1xt says “complete FCC’s Backend certification”. Does it means APIs and Microservices Certification? Information Security and Quality Assurance Certification? Both? None?

Thank you guys in advance for the help and happy coding!

oooo those are cool. Bookmarking.

I would assume that it would be everything after Front End. There is more there now than before but it won’t hurt. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, there were some things in the other program that aren’t here now. The backend section was like the API section is now, but also had 5 fullstack projects. I suppose the Information Security and Quality Assurance Projects are essentially that - they just have such boring styling. The backend used to have sample projects with rich styling, and had to have login. I suppose if you are sending back HTML in those projects (and preferably doing some better styling) then it is essentially the same, you’d just have to learn about things like Passport (allowing logging in) on your own.

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I think p1xt would advise to have the five full stack projects completed. These are the most valuable demonstration of your skills and would entice employers to consider you for a role.

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Wow, thank you all for the responses!

I’m thinking about doing a mix of both pathways and try to learn some front-end styling with some projects from the JS Edition while following along the other Job Ready guide, suplementing it all with the certificates that FCC offers.

Thanks guys!