P5 - Technical Documentation Page Project Feedback

Hi again!
This time I come to you with the “Technical Documentation Page” project. I promise I won’t annoy you with every project but I found the feedback last time very useful.
I had to do some research to figure out how to display properly formatted code in my web page and I got a bit “creative” in the end. Is there an easier and cleaner way to display code? Especially HTML code is hard to display (the best way I found was using HTML character entities, like “& l t;” for the “<” symbol). Thankfully I had to deal only with a few snippets but I guess there are better ways… let me know.
Thanks again for your time and patience guys. Happy coding!

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This is neat, well done!

I would increase some paddings between your headers and texts.

Hi, Moroku,

Excellent page, what you have made here is quite good.

In relation to you question on displaying HTML code element is the ‘code’ tags, there are methods that are used for storing such information to databases, but they aren’t useful for this application, so your approach is perfectly fine.

However, if you used another source for inspiration for the page, I would include a reference section at the bottom detailing this fact.