Package.json must have a valid "author" key

I get the error “package.json must have a valid “author” key” when I submit using the live app link on Glitch.

Error code
// running tests
package.json should have a valid “author” key (Test timed out)
// tests completed
package.json should have a valid “author” key

I do not like being thrown into writing a teeny tiny project right off the bat. The explanation should be rewritten, for instance: Asking us to clone a github project only to write this “An object is recommended for bigger projects, but a simple string like the following example will do for this project.”

So which is it? Should we add author or remove everything but the author in the package.json file?

Update: I tried with just “author” and with everything and I still can’t pass this exercise.

Compared to the rest of freecodecamp, this exercise/project is poorly written. We’re only just starting to learn web development and I can see just from browsing the forum that this has confused many people. That being said, I love freecodecamp.

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Challenge: How to Use package.json, the Core of Any Node.js Project or npm Package

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Hi @Travinkel !

Welcome to the forum!

I am having issues getting your page to load on my end.
It is stuck on loading.

I don’t know if you are experiencing that too.

That might be part of the issue.

But you might consider using replit for these challenges instead.