Page Freeze for Sum All Odd Fibonacci Numbers

Hi all, I was working on Sum All Odd Fibonacci Numbers then when I run test, the page freeze. This happened about 8 hours ago. The page does not load properly even now and the page simply freeze. Anyone facing the same problem or has a solution to it? Thanks.

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It sounds like you have accidentally created an infinite loop. We are working to fix this problem, but for now, you’ll need to manually fix your browser by deleting the solution from your browser’s local storage:

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Thanks Quincy for replying. I followed the given instruction to open the Developer Tools but cannot find www.freecodecamp in the Local Storage. So I went to clear my entire browser’s browsing data. In the end, all my previous codes in other exercises were gone. Its a real pity to lose all my previous codes but I thought never mind as long as I can continue to code and learn the future lessons. So I went to retype the codes for Sum All Odd Fibonacci Numbers and run the test but the result is still the same - the page freeze. I really like learning from FreeCodeCamp and want to continue to learn coding here. Hope you can help. Thanks.

Thanks P1xt for the good news! Yes, the codes are still there. Very happy.

i have this same problem, but it seems you r solution does not work anymore.

It sounds like you created an infinite loop. You can delete the solution from your browser’s local storage: Clear Specific values from your browser local storage