Page Tribute Feedback

Hello all, here is my tribute page to Frida Kahlo.

IIt is pretty simple and I didn’t want to play with more as I just wanted to cover the basics and understand how things get started at least.

Any feedback well received!


Pen isn’t working for me :confused:

Oh no, maybe try again?

I just dumped the link here from my codepen, is that how is done?

Looking good!

I like the minimalist design, no clutter and no information overload.
I noticed that the text in your .quote div element is emphasised inline. I’m not sure whether it is considered ‘best-practice’ to do it this way, or to adjust it in your style sheet. Just something to think about, good work!

Thanks! Yes actually someone told me to try not using the insline style, thanks for the feedback!
I have hard time adding color to the websites LOL.