Page View Time Series Visualizer: FAILED test_bar_plot_number_of_bars

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My code has passed all tests except the above mentioned test, but my code does produce the correct figure with all appropriate bar plots, ticks and labels. I believe I have developed alternate method to achieve the same goal that the test cases have not considered. My code does not use the unstack() method to alter the df_bar dataframe and create null values for the first four months in 2016, instead my code iterates over the initial 44 monthly averages and plots them accordingly. The result is less bars that what the test case expects, but my code still produces an image identical to the Figure_2.png image.
I would like my code to be assessed and accepted as a valid solution to this challenge.

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My code is here.

Challenge: Page View Time Series Visualizer

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Hi @UpUpToTheSky!

I have seen your previous posts on this project where you believe there is an issue with the tests.

I would suggest checking on freecodecamp’s github to see if the issue has already been created for this project. If not you could create a new issue.

Hope that helps!