Paid İnternship

Hi everyone. I began to write code in February 1 , 2019.Tıll March 15 i learned a lot of things. From March to April i couldnt learn so much because i was looking for a daily job. After that i completed Colt Steele 's web development bootcamp on Udemy. After that i made my portfolio .I was learningbin Free Code Camp too.Now i got Responsive Web Design , JavaScript, and API and Microservices certifications. Also i completed react section too. Now i got an remote full stack dev internship offer. They offer me 350 Euro monthly .this money is not so good but good for my country whıch is Turkey. And i am currently working for 350 euro in my current daily job. So should i accept the internship ?


Looking at what you said, i think that you really like to code, so if you think that you can already offer good skills and motivation to the company offering you the internship why not? The money is the same anyway, and if you show good work, they probably will keep you there working after the internship, for more money. But try to know with them how things will flow after the intership.

Good luck!

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Yes actually i am thınkıng the same .thank You so much.

If the internship is paying the same as your daily job then you have nothing to lose! I’d say go for it, life’s too short not to do the things you enjoy. If you can enjoy your work, you’ll be much happier. Be sure to ask about your future prospects if it goes well, they’ll hopefully be looking to keep you on, and even if they don’t, you’ll still have experience of working in the industry.

Best of luck!

Yeah You are rıght about that. I think i should accept it. At least i will have some experience. Thank You :blush:

Congratulations! Good luck in your internship.

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Thank You so much :slight_smile:

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Would you recommend this course at Udemy?

Yeah sure .And after that i will complete the free code camp api section.You will understood the concept more clearly .And also please try to look at codecacademy contents.they are very good for starting .

I just quit my job and I will be only studying and creating portfolio. Now I am doing somethings in Java at Hackerrank and also the course fcc. I have a change to get an internship in September but they told me that I have to prove (on GitHub) that I can work in a team. Do you need a collaborator in any if your projects? can be small things.

Hi, i really want to make something , pair programming .But now this internship takes my whole time .Because the application is so big. we will use qr code payments credit card payments ,referral systems,maps, api’s , adding friends etc and at the end mobile app .And the senior dev doesnt help me so much .So right now its not a good time for me .sorry .

Hi, that’s no problem at all. I will keep trying to grab someone.
Best of luck on your new job!