Paid side projects for employed developer?

Hey everyone,
I’ve been a graduate software developer for ~7 months now, doing the typical 40 hours a week. But i’m getting home and wanting to get stuck into something else. And while I’ve dabbled with game development and fun raspberry pi side projects a little, i’m kind of wanting to start earning a little more for my extra time (saving for a house aint easy :man_shrugging:).

I’m only thinking of around an hour a day after work, and a few over the weekend (maybe 10 hours a week max?). Just wondering if anyone has any experience doing this, if they’d recommend it, and how they’d recommend going about it. If your advice is just “do the same as we’ve advised everyone else but do less hours”, cool, i’ll go look through some old forum posts, i’m just wondering if doing it on the side of actual employment changes things.

Thanks for any help, you guys are the best.

Just a friendly reminder that you probably have to run any side work by your manager, as per your employment contract.

Fair shout, and you’re right, my contract does say that I have to run it by them.