Pair program anyone?

Not sure how this pair programming works so I will try offering my services!
So anyone wanting to pair program with me?
I am available during the day mostly (UK GMT time) and am up the advanced algorithm challenges.

Note I can also do a night shift around midnight.

Thanks for reading.

Hi mate, im up for it, i started fcc around 1 week ago. I know some basic back end with ruby on rails and now im focusing on front end. It would be cool if u interested in making a real world project . let me know if u up for it :wink: Im in Uk and i also looking for night shifts :wink:

I’d be happy to help you. When do you want to do it?

When you get to apis/back-end stuff, I’ll join you.

Other people may be watching this thread. Say what you are on and what you are looking at pairing and someone else might pair with you. :slight_smile:
Also, saying your time zone will help.

This Idea is wanderful. Yesterday I have asked for a code that is working to be critisized here in the forum, and one guy has given me a lot of advice, and tricks to do the stuff in a concise and organized way. I realized that writing a working code is not enough. We should also learn good pricrices for writing good app, and the only way to acheive this, is by discussing our codes with each others.

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Looking forward to pairing for any reason. Coding takes quite a bit of focus I think, and naturally narrows your thinking at times, so having someone with a different perspective helps and allows for bouncing ideas around.

There’s a Discord channel for pairing, it basically adds voice to the mix and channels for each section. Chat also supports syntax highlighting, like in Gitter. For codesharing I use

I’m finishing up basic algorithms.

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JohnnyBizzel let me know when u online and maybe we can discuss in a chat room :wink: