Pair Programming suggestions

How to do pair programming in real time with another Camper?

Your going to need some extra tech to do this. If you wanted to “pair program” the actual FCC challenges, the simplest would be to use a screenshare like google hangouts, skype or discord. Unlike some fancier options, the “peer” wont be able to directly input any code anywhere, but that should be ok for most use-cases.

Now if you were working on some project somewhere, and able to use whatever tech you wanted, there’s plugins for VSCode, Live Share that allow you and others to work in the same codebase at the same time. Think google docs, but with code, and it’s maintained by the VSCode team, so it’s pretty well integrated.

There are other alternatives that use the cloud, like code-sandbox or stackblitz, but these are arguable overkill if your just practicing some basic programming concepts, and its generally better to work in an “easy to use environment” or a full local development environment than a halfway one like code sandbox or stackblitz.