Pair programming Tic Tac Toe and/or Simon Game

Hey everybody, I’m currently at the end of the Front End Development Certification and have only the Tic Tac Toe and the Simon Game projects left to go.
Is anybody at a similar level and would like to team up for either or both challenges? Here is my TTT Game so far:
It still lacks a sound AI algorithm and a function to determine the winner.

I’ll probably manage both projects on my own but I’m looking for a accountability partner to stay motivated since these two are the hardest challenges so far.

Until the end of July I’m very flexible timewise and can adapt to any schedule. I’m in timezone UTC+2.

I am at the exact same level but i have little time and motivation lately to work and finish them.

What would you say if we team up and try to finish this thing together? I totally can work around your schedule until end of July.

Yeah that sounds great. Send me a PM here with your preferred method of communication and we can work it out.

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I am at Simon, you guys are still available?