Pair Programming ++

Join Pair Programming ++

1: Download Discord

  • It’s an app kind of like “teamspeak”.
  • Friend “Gonzo#8224” by first selecting the heads in the top left corner, then navigating to Add Friend.
  • Then select gonzo and send me a DM.
  • Add the other names already posted in this thread and add yours here if you wish.
  • Lastly, go on whenever you feel like it, and if someone is there, start programming as a pair.

2: Use to edit and run code

  • Sign up with any email (…mailinator) for free.
  • With coderpad two can simultaneously edit the same page.
  • Have your friend go to the url of your coderpad.
  • Pair Progam

The more that join the easier it is to find partners.
Come on in, everyone needs some practice.



I’m a bay area local and I’m good at algorithm challenges.
There’s screensharing on discord. I have the same SN there. Search ``#8491

Hi @ghanzo I am interested. My time zone is utc-3.

Cheers and happy coding :slight_smile:

Alright, I sent you a friend request through discord. I’ll have it on for the next couple days, hopefully I’ll see you on the app. Or you can send me an email at and we can schedule time to code. My username on discord is gonzo#8224.

Hey erretres, que tal? Quiero ir a chile en el futuro, estaba circa este ano… mas o menos, peru. Me gusta el sur. I have an open schedule, so most times work for me, but download discord @ , and then add me as a friend gonzo#8224 and either I’ll see you on there or, you can send me an email at and we can plan a time to code.

Hope to hear back from you,

On the app. Ready to code anytime.

You can click the 3 heads in the top left corner then click my name to get in chat.

Haven’t seen you yet on discord. There is a DM function, so you can click the heads in the top left corner, and then my name, and you’ll see that I’ve written you. If you write me back we can get to work on some algorithms!
Hope to hear from you soon,

Update to the page. Looking for more folks to join!

i added you on my friend list

@ghanzo I want to start pair programming and have been looking for the right tools. Right now Screen Hero isn’t accepting new registrations without an invite. Your suggestion of looks great, but seems to charge; the free plan is limited to two free interviews per month. How are you working around this or do you have a paid plan?

@Surogo Bart, if you register without paying it gives you about a week of free interviews. So I’ve been registering accounts through fake emails. So far so good.

Our group has expanded to around 8 people now, and our chat server usually has someone it it. The group has people from all around the planet. Please join! We’ve been having a blast so far.

@ghanzo Cool! thanks for your response, I’ll look into joining the group when I have spare moment. BTW, have you thought about using cloud9 as an alternative to I registered today, haven’t used it for pairing yet but it seems to be possible. Only catch is you need a credit/debit card in order to register for a free account (it is free nonetheless).

Coderpad has been sufficient.
Cloud9 sounds problematic for the groups needs. The more accessible the better.
There are probably a whole host of different options out there, so far Coderpad has been great!
Look forward to getting a friend request from you Surogo.
Take care,

@ghanzo I added you on discord; I’m Bart#1375.

Hi, great initiative! I added you on Discord. I hope that the group is still going strong. I have most of FCC done and I’m doing mostly now, but happy to jump onto any JS exercise.