Pairboard: The Honour Roll

I have been overwhelmed by the contributions fellow campers have made to the Pairboard project in the last week!

If you would like to join this illustrious group of committed individuals (Git joke…git it?) then feel free to pick off any of the outstanding issues, or submit (and fix) your own! (Previous post with details)

Here are the people that have contributed meaningful work to the project so far, roughly in the order of their first commit. Skim through their contributions for inspiration, and remember most, if not all, had never contributed a line of code to open source before!


Many code and docs contributions, including some tricky React problems! Has also been instrumental in thinking through some of the bigger architectural considerations, making it possible to run back and front ends together locally. Bloody good bloke!

Fixed up some messy code and improved the submission form for posts

Fixed up some messy code!

Fixed up the <title> of the page

@freak0ut @Bigghead
Took out some code trash

Took out some code trash, created a schmick red panda favicon

Removed the seconds from the time stamp on user’s posts

Spotted and fixed a bug relating to default profile images

Added a close button to one of the modals.

Improved usability by providing better language on the submission form

Refactored the CSS for user’s posts to use flexbox

Found and fixed a bug relating to how user input was parsed in some cases. Also contributed to discussions about making the project easier to work on as a contributor to help set up separate dev and production environments.

Introduced better history management with the modals, by using URL hashes. Also happens to be one of the few campers I know in person and an FCC Melbourne MeetUp regular.

Fixed an annoying bug that made the bottom post difficult to delete on mobile devices. Then broke the app! Then fixed what he broke :laughing:
(sidenote: I break the app constantly - I consider it a particularly special honour!)

Fixed up the documentation and added much need validation to the input form. Oh, and another FCC Melbourne MeetUp attendee that I know IRL :slight_smile:

Turned the wannabe React app into a grown up React app by appropriately componenting the components. Massive amounts of code tidying. Paves the way for testing. Legend.

Fixed up some CSS issues and redesigned the user-cards with a nice material design approach.


Added some unit tests! (Fancy!) And fixed up some routes.

@jenovs again
As mentioned above - added the ability to link the back and front locally. Can’t overstate how significant a step this is for future development! Added some tests to the api routes! (Fancy!)

@planigan again
Fixed up the documentation.

Fixed small security issue that advertised our stack unnecessarily to the world.

Made all the route tests pass, and fixed a DB validation issue.

Fixed the ACAO header.

Fixed up the config_template.json file to the correct ports. Also has the dubious honour of being another person I have met IRL.


Wow you lot have been busy

Huh. I missed this. You should be seeing a pull request from me at some point soon.

Awesome! Mods happen to make pretty excellent commits in my (extremely limited) experience!

Whoops! I originally linked to the wrong post above with details - now the link points to the post with the actual contribution details :slight_smile:

I think you will have to take back that statement later this weekend after I look at the issues :wink:

Is there anything someone with limited Node/Express and pretty much no React experience can handle?

Of course! One particular backend issue that has been around for a couple of days is a minor security improvement that was automatically flagged by Codiscope Jacks:

Have a read of the issue, and if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask them within the issue thread. (It’s quite an easy fix)!

These frontend issues are reasonably simple too:

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Pull request submitted for the UI! Lots of good practice for me as I haven’t touched React in a few months.

Well you don’t mess about! I’ll look over it after lunch and merge if all’s well.

I was planning on fixing the structure like that when I could be bothered, so I appreciate that particular PR loads!

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I think I’m starting to get the hang of it…

Are you guys still accepting pull requests? I’d like to give your CSS a little love, I might also work on some React stuff.

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