Palindrome Challenge q?

I am wondering is step 1 necessary if you can ignore case with -i with .match?
so step 2 would actually read → .match(/[a-z0-9]/gi);

This is the walkthrough code:

function palindrome(str) {
    const alphanumericOnly = str
        // 1) Lowercase the input
        // 2) Strip out non-alphanumeric characters
    // 3) return string === reversedString
    return alphanumericOnly.join('') ===

function palindrome(str) {
return true;

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Challenge: Palindrome Checker

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If you console.log() your result, you could test this yourself :wink:
But the answer will be: “Yes, it is” because while the .match() can ignore case, it will still keep case intact. Meaning the following comparison will still compare and thus fail if the same letters appear in different case.

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