Palindrome checker challenge

Hello everyone, I have a question, but first I’ll explain the steps that I followed

1- i created a variable for the string without symbols, punctuations or white spaces.

2- i created another variable to find the reverse version of the string. To see if it will still look like the original version.

3- i used console.log() for both of the variables to see if I succeeded achieving the desired outcome. Which was to remove punc,symbols or white spaces. And to see if the string is a palindrome using reverse() method, which helps me to reverse the sorting order of the string. Both variables returned the same results.

4- I used console.log() method to add the test() method inside it, to check if the regex matches the string. The challenge requries me to return a boolean value. Test() method will return a boolean value.

My question is:
What’s wrong with my code? When I used console.log() to log both variables, the results of both were the exact same. Yet, when i use test method to see if /string2/ matches string1. I get false.

function palindrome(String) {
let string1 = String.replace(/[\p{P}]|\s/gu, "");
let string2 = string1.split("").reverse().join("");


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JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Projects - Palindrome Checker

What function returns? When you call the console.log(palindrome("eye")); it will print in console undefined.

Regarding the test method, take a look at this example:

const string1 = 'eye';
const string2 = 'eye';
console.log(/string2/i.test(string1))  // false

function palindrome(String)
let string1 = String.replace(/[\p{P}]|\s/gu, “”);
let string2 = string1.split(“”).reverse().join(“”);

try that.