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so I’m trying to do palindrome checker and I came to a problem as it seems, it wants me to make “not a palindrome” false and “eye” true. But I can’t seem so fix it. Can someone help me?

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function palindrome(str) {
return true;

palindrome("eye","not a palindrome");
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Challenge: Palindrome Checker

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What have you tried? You seem to have accidentally deleted the cde you attempted.

Well, first of all, you would be checking those separately. So I would test it like this:

palindrome("not a palindrome");

and expect the respective return values.

Then of course you need some logic inside the function to do the check. What have you tried?

I’ve tried a lot I’ve done your idea I’ve tried doing return true; return false; and I’ve tried console.log to maybe do them separately but they don’t work

We need to see the actual code you have written

function palindrome(str) {

str = str.replace()


return true;

return false;



palindrome(“not a palindrome”);

Where is the code you wrote that contains logic that actually checks if the input string is a palindrome?

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