Palindrome Checker problem with stingify

HI! I need your help. I’m wondering why I can’t pass two tests:

  • palindrome("_eye") should return true.
  • palindrome(“0_0 (: /- :slight_smile: 0-0”) should return true.
    Here is my code :
function palindrome(str) {
  var reversed = str.toLowerCase().replace(/\W/g, '').split("").reverse();
  var orgStr = str.toLowerCase().replace(/\W/g, '').split("");

      return true;
    else return false;

`var reversed = str.toLowerCase().replace(/\W/g, '').split("").reverse();` Thats because in this line you didn't join the string up after you split it. You'll just need to add in a `.join("")` function at the end of the reverse to rectify your problem.

It was just your regex that was wrong, my bad about that!
Underscore is not included inside the “not word” rule.
So you’ll need to write .replace(/\W|_/g, '') or .replace(/[\W_]/g, '').

Thank you ery much for your help :slight_smile: