Palindrome Checker Step by Step Process

/Here is way much simpler code for the palindrome checker. I have written the code in step by step manner to explain what I did here/

function palindrome(str){

  var revArr=[]


//removing all the  dot , comma , whitespace(/\s/g) , dash from the string 
  str = str.toLowerCase().replace(/[.,\s_-\W]/g,"")


//converting string into array using the ... method
  str = [...str]



//for loop for reversing the original string array and saving it into revArr
  for(var i=0;i<str.length;i++){




//converting revArr (Array) into string
  var revStr = revArr.join("")

  str = str.join("")



//Moment of truth
  if(str === revStr){


    return true




    return false



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Your code is pretty similar to Solution 1 in the hints. I think the solution code might be considered simpler by some because it takes advantage of method chaining and doesn’t need to declare a second array. You could also make yours more concise by getting rid of the if/else at the end and just have:

return str === revStr;

But simplicity is sometimes in the eye of the beholder and more concise doesn’t always mean easier to understand.

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I agree with you. Thanks for your valuable feedback and tips. I am still new at JS, so the code is not as good as the solution already posted by others. But hopefully, with practice, I will learn to write more cleaner code.

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