Par bogey double bogey and go home does not function

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const names = ["Hole-in-one!", "Eagle", "Birdie", "Par", "Bogey", "Double Bogey", "Go Home!"];

function golfScore(par, strokes) {
// Only change code below this line
if (strokes == 1){
  return names[0];
} else if (strokes <= par - 2) {
  return names[1];
} else if (strokes = par - 1) {
  return names[2];
} else if (strokes = par) {
  return names[3];
} else if (strokes = par + 1) {
  return names[4];
} else if (strokes = par + 2) {
  return names[5];
} else if (strokes >= par + 3) {
  return names [6];
return "Change Me";
// Only change code above this line

golfScore(5, 4);
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you want to use here equality operator, not assignment.

Thank you for that! Now I just have the issue with Bogey, Double Bogey, and Go Home!

Your solution is correct, besides this one mistake that I’ve pointed out.

it keeps on saying this though

golfScore(4, 5)

should return the string

golfScore(4, 6)

should return the string

Double Bogey
golfScore(4, 7)

should return the string

Go Home!
golfScore(5, 9)

should return the string

Go Home!

Did you correct all the “=”?

You mean add another = to the rest of the code? I tried that but it still came up with the same error
(Edit: Did that and it worked, Thanks)

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