Parenthesis Problem

I am trying to code using an iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard and I cannot seem to get the HTML parenthesis to appear. I get the standard quote symbol instead. When I use my Textastic code editor it works fine with the same keyboard.

Textastic - id=“footer” … (Works fine)

FreeCodeCamp - id=“footer” … (doesn’t work)

The difference in quotes is subtle but it won’t allow my code to work.
Is there a trick to getting the right symbol ?

Thanks !

Note…I cut the Textastic code from the app and it pasted fine in my question but when I posted it, it changed the parenthesis back to regular quotes. Does freeCodeCamp not allow the html style straight up and down quotes ??

Check your iPad settings and see if “smart punctuation” (or something like that) is turned on. You will need to turn it off.

HOLY COW !! Ive been using this IPad / keyboard setup for years and never knew that was there ! Fixed the problem !!.. Thanks you so much for your help !

I’m glad I could help. Happy coding!