Parse text file with regx

hi :slight_smile:

I have a text file which I need to parse in order to retrieve data .

I’m using java eclipse .

this a sample text breively :slight_smile:

Group DATA                            
ST              NO                 PL 
BT-0	        FXX	               10 
	            FXX	               11 
	            FXX	               12 
BT-100       	FXY	               10 
	            FXY	               11 
                FXY	               12 
BT-200      	FXZ	               10 
	            FXZ	               11 
BT-300      	FXZ	               12 

I 'm using bellow regx code which is working on first BT-0.

get st=BT-0&gt=FXX&PL=10
get st=BT-0&gt=FXX&PL=11
get st=BT-0&gt=FXX&PL=12

for the remaining BT-100 & BT-200 & BT-300 nothing is dispalyed but I want to get this at once

get st=BT-100&gt=FXY&PL=10 
get st=BT-100&gt=FXY&PL=11 
get st=BT-100&gt=FXY&PL=12 
get st=BT-200&gt=FXZ&PL=10 
get st=BT-200&gt=FXZ&PL=11 
get st=BT-300&gt=FXZ&PL=12 

?<BT>BT-\d{1,3})\s+(?<NO>[$\w]+)\s+(?<PL>\d+)+.* +\r?\n\s+(?<NO1>[$\w]+)\s+(?<PL1>\d+)+.* +\r?\n\s+(?<NO2>[$\w]+)\s+(?<PL2>\d+) 

how to do that ?

hi all:

is there anyone who can help me how to change or to add a correction on the regx
already sent in my first topic.

thanks for your help