(PART 6) Seeking eager campers to join coding Voyage (aka gain remote dev experience)

Hello you nonstop learners!

Here we are again. I’ve been getting more emails & messages asking when the next Voyage-cohort is and realized we haven’t made a call here for people interested in joining since…April (sorry).

What is the Voyage-cohort all about?
Here is what we do: put motivated people with similar goals together in an environment that gives them the opportunity to level-up in a way they couldn’t otherwise.

The Voyage cohorts only have one purpose and that’s to give aspiring & established developers the opportunity to accelerate their learning and level-up by building dev projects in teams.

Can I see some examples of the projects?
Yes, here is a showcase article with 70+ remote dev team projects built by teams of self-directed learners in the Summer Voyage cohort.

Also, here is an article written by someone in a previous Voyage cohort to give you an idea of what the experience is like.

How can I apply & does everyone get accepted?
Apply to the Voyage project cohort here.

To maintain quality we can only accept enough people to fill around 30-50 teams.

When will the next Voyage cohort start?
In the last week of November.

All right, that’s all! If you have any questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile: Also, it might be worth leaving a comment here if you applied just in case there’s a mixup (it’s happened before).

Happy coding & learning!

p.s. if you have applied in the last month and haven’t heard back yet, don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about you! We’ve still got 100+ applications to go through and it takes awhile (but you will definitely hear from us!). :slight_smile:


If you’re serious about programming, you must complement theory with practice.

I’ve been part of Chingu’s community for months now and I’m confident when I say it was one of the best decisions ever made. Now, I don’t want to tell you how the adventure was for me (but I got a job, if that’s your thing many of us have gotten jobs).

Having people from so many different backgrounds really contributes to creating an outstanding community where everyone is focused in improving their craft. You have teachers, designers, drivers, engineers, dozens of professions and they all use their experience to build useful applications.

The community is always growing and is very active, this has been a wild adventure and I would love to meet people who share our excitement as well!

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Thank you for this post.

I applied to chingu last week and was confused about the timeline.
(The first time I sent the application was the survey for the October cohort on September 24 and then I learned that the cohort had already started :frowning: )

Just to be sure:
I have completed the old survey (saying just November cohort).
Is my staring date also the last week of November?

Thanks a lot for creating this awesome opportunity,


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Can’t wait for Voyage 3! I’ve learned so much since joining the Chingu community. I’m not just referring to coding, but also version control, developer teamwork, the stages of app building, project management… Additionally, once you gain access to Chingu Central, there are so many topical study group channels full of people willing to help. Come on over and join our group of devs who really truly want to see all other devs succeed!

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I joined Chingu cohorts in January 2017 and have participated in several iterations, most recently the project-focused Voyage 1 and Voyage 2. My experience has been overwhelmingly positive throughout. Chingu cohorts are special; it’s hard to summarize why, and maybe the reasons are different for everyone.

Before joining I questioned what benefits / value I would get from Chingu, beyond what I was already getting through FCC’s curriculum and forums. So I almost didn’t apply. But in the spirit of “try new things” I took the leap. I’m glad I did! The completed projects, published medium articles, all the friendships - all a result of taking the leap. I didn’t expect these things (I didn’t know what to expect), but in my case I know they would not have happened without Chingu.

If you’re considering applying to Chingu, it’s probably because you are highly-motivated to grow and improve. Imagine a place where basically everyone is similarly motivated. And you get to work with them on challenging projects. This kind of inspirational, encouraging environment is not something you find every day. While it doesn’t guarantee success - you still have to do the work - the conditions are there for teams to succeed.

What you get out of your cohort is directly proportional to how much you participate in it. If you don’t collaborate in a team project, you’re really missing out. Working with distributed teams has been the most rewarding aspect of the cohorts for me. There’s a whole category of things you learn when working with other people: about yourself, social dynamics, leadership, scheduling, how others approach the same problems, etc. This experience is priceless.

For anyone on the fence like I was, take the leap: apply. And take on a project. You’ll be placed in a team with random strangers. It will probably get crazy and you’ll have to work through it all to deliver. But you will deliver, and you’ll come away from it a stronger developer with team experience and a project(s) to show off on your portfolio.

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I am very new to coding. I only started the last few days. Should I sign up? If so, Penguins or Red Pandas? I am currently only on the front end stuff, really just html and css atm. Thanks.

PS: I filled out the new members survey. You might want to consider removing the Peter Thiel reference in the questionnaire.

Penguins or Red Pandas?

One of the less obvious things about the application process is that you don’t get to choose your animal cohort. Red Pandas is/was one of the original cohorts and is still so active they haven’t been dismantled. I don’t think people can join that cohort either. But the other animal cohorts usually run their course and end. Some get recycled (I was in Rhinos 2, for example).

This thread’s original post is re: Voyage 3. The Voyage cohorts are a little different from the animal cohorts. In the animal cohorts, you could join teams and build projects but it wasn’t mandatory. Voyage is all about building projects.

Should you sign up? I would say that depends less on your skill level and more on your commitment. Unless the Voyage 3 project schemes change, there will be a tier for HTML/CSS + basic javascript projects. In the past, these have included cloning some commercial app’s product page / landing page.

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I ended up at the one with the penguins, and other animals, because someone had private messaged me that link. When I clicked on both of them to see where they went they both went to the same new members survey. I wonder if there is a way to withdraw that one and sign up for the one posted here, or maybe just sign up for both? I guess I goofed up. lol

I would just sign up for both :smiley: You almost definitely want to sign up for whatever the latest thing is though.

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I signed up for both. Thanks.

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@Ardrion please make sure you apply through https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScRA5QXBbwtvjx0PL6q5oeV5VS6umCEzjpuefPLpfeOOfv0kw/viewform that’s the sign up form for Voyage 3 (animals cohorts are now turtles, owls and bears, all part of Voyage).

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Hi @Dragomara!

I apologize for the confusion and thank you for reaching out :pray: .

No worries about your application - I’ve checked and it’s there and you’ll definitely be hearing from us soon. Also, yep your starting date will be in late November, though we’re developing a new onboarding adventure that’ll likely start a week or two earlier if we can get it finished in time.

And thank you for the kind words! :slight_smile:

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Looks like a great idea. Just a shame the projects are so React focused.

Any chance of using other frameworks? We are not all spaghetti fans, you know. ^^

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If your React code looks like spaghetti then you are probably not even using it right.

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Could you link to a React project which you regard as a good example? I’m interested in learning, but I’ve been put off by example projects with tons of small components, markup tangled up with Javascript, and Ajax calls being made from pretty much anywhere. Not to mention a load of Redux boilerplate.

Love to see a project with clean code that follows best practices.

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Hi @arw2015

There’s absolutely zero requirement to use react. A lot of chingus do though, most likely because a) FCC data vis, and b) react jobs have been so popular.

Usually the projects will sort of pick the tech stack for you. Most slack bots are written in node. My first two front end projects used jquery because it was the “lowest common denominator” for the teams.

I come from an Angular 1 backgrounds, never learned (or liked) react, moved to Angular 2/4, but now write most front ends in vanilla js to get better at various modular design patterns.

My point it, even if you don’t know or like some library or framework, odds are good that you can still contribute.

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The team is who decides what stack to use, if most teams are using React is because that’s what they like, my team is using Vue for instance.

Here is one of the projects built by members (that uses React) https://github.com/Chingu-cohorts/devgaido

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I want to join next Cohort lat Nov and also apply now.
Waiting for good news…:wink::wink:

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Wonderful thanks for reaching out @konyan! You’ll be hearing from us soon :slight_smile: :raised_hands:

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sounds like an awesome initiative, applied!

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