Part-time project feedback


I’m currently waiting for my baby to be old enough to go to daycare, but when I’m restless I look at prospective jobs that I could apply, and I found this part-time project:

**Please include anticipated hours to build the site. Hourly rate @ $75

Project Overview:

A website application that allows for users to search and filter off approximately 275 landing pages. Users can create schedules based on these filters to share with others.

Looking to start Beta testing by the week of May 2nd

Key Elements:

  • Profile pages for users coming into the site.
  • Approximately 275 standardized landing pages with searchable filters (multiple at a time is necessary).
  • User generated scheduler capabilities that can be shared
  • Heat map capabilities so that users can see locations of the 275 clients.
  • Heat map capabilities so that the 275 clients can see where their users come from.
  • Pop up screen to appear when users search generating feedback of user’s impressions to the clients.
  • Reviews capabilities on the 275 clients.
  • Subscription monetization model paid by users accessing the site.

I think is something that could be made with React or Vue, but aside from that I’m not so sure how I’ll go into applying to this if I wanted…

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