Participate in little JS holiday project [not for USA/Canada/Russia]


So - you know a bit of JS, and come from Europe/Asia/Africa / South America / Australia?

Be a champ and participate in little project of adding your national holidays to this repo:

Looking for Italian, French, UK, Ireland and various other Europe and other country coders willing to help out, in their native language.

Countries already taken / done:
Canada :canada:
Argentina :argentina:
Croatia :croatia:
Denmark :denmark:
Finland :finland:
Switzerland [maybe not your region] :switzerland:
India [maybe not your region] :india:

Japan [thanks] :japan:
Russia [thanks] :ru:
Uganda [thanks] :uganda:
United Kingdom [thanks]
Colombia [thanks] :colombia:

You can contribute with 1 simple JS file that lists dates and holidays.
Look for completed files for reference.

Thank you!


Aah, if no one has done it by tomorrow, I’m totally taking Japan.

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As was posted, there are tons of sites that list all these holidays so you can just grab them from there should be rather quick.

yes, but one has to do it in his/her own native language.

I’ll try to add for the country Nigeria soonest. Wish me luck! :slight_smile:

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I’ll take Russia. Hope, it help. Cheers!

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Hey. I’m done with Russia, but I can’t push it to your Git repo. Could you pls give me access? My github profile is

@diomed I think I have the same problem with @Waxaz; I have tried committing to the project yesterday but I have not seen changes so far. Could you please check and let me know if I didn’t do something correctly please?

My github profile is and I committed and made the push via SourceTree

NB: Willing to learn Rookie here.

I don’t see you forked this at all, it’s not in your list of repositories anywhere.

this looks good. did u make a pull request?

go to pull requests - and hit green button New pull request so u could send it to main repo,
from which you’ve forked it from.


I just completed the pull request and I hope this works. Kindly check again and let me know if or if not everything looks good.


your pull request should be visible here:
since it isn’t means u did smth wrong.

Oh I see.

I think I have fixed this issue now.


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Hey, it’s Russia guy. I’ve just made a pull request, can you see it?

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Very nice, both are merged. Thank you guys.

Keep them coming, developers! :smiley:


Thanks to YOU to give me an opportunity to practice git.


Hey, willing to do the UK - I know the fundamentals of github and JS so reckon I’ll be able to do that if you still need it?

If you’re happy with my contribution, I could also do Indonesian [Bahasa Indonesia] following that :slight_smile: :indonesia:

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just do it, man. don’t need to ask.

if you see country is missing, it’s available.

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Hi, sorry it took me a little while - I was a bit more confused by github than I was expecting, I hope I did it correctly!

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