Partnership with freecodecamp

I’d like to discuss a partnership with you. We have a need to integrate our platform with the course providers (+universities+colleges). We are going to propose your courses to our customers.
“SkyHive extracts the skills of a company’s human capital and applies machine learning to find correlations that maximize the efficiency in the development and deployment of its workforce, drastically compressing the time and effort required to recruit, retain and train.”
Sorry for this citation. :slight_smile:

Please, let me know how to integrate your system.

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Machine Learning, Data Science department

I’m a teacher. Is freeCodeCamp an appropriate resource for my class?

Yes. Many high school, college, and adult ed programs incorporate freeCodeCamp into their coursework. We’re open source, so no license or special permission from us is necessary. We’re even building special tools for teachers.

Can I create apps or tools based around the freeCodeCamp community and platform?

Yes. freeCodeCamp is open source (BSD-3 license), and most non-sensitive freeCodeCamp data is publicly available. But you must make it clear that you don’t represent freeCodeCamp itself, and that your project is not officially endorsed by freeCodeCamp.

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