Pass an Array as Props - tests not working?!

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So I am really lost as to why this is not working at all. I hit run the test but nothing is happening.

Please advice, before I lose all of my hair :frowning:

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const List= (props) => {
  return <p>{props.tasks.join(’, ‘)}</p>

class ToDo extends React.Component {
  constructor(props) {
  render() {
    return (
        <h1>To Do Lists</h1>
         <List tasks= { ["sleep","eat","code"] } />
        <List tasks= { ["Sleeping","watching tv","some freecodecamp"] } />

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Hi Randell,

This is what I get:

You are getting that, because you are using invalid characters in your join method.

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ok thanks for the heads up, I will try and figure this out!

Strings are either straight double quotes or straight single quotes.

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Done!! Thanks again Randell. :). These are the things I need to brush up on, spotting errors!