Pass tests, or use for practice?

Alright I’ve completed the very first project the tribute page. My page looks almost identical to the one shown. It is responsive. The padding and colors are darn near exact. But it won’t pass the tests. I built it on my own perfectly then went back to see if I could make it fit the criteria. I ended up changing a bunch of stuff for no reason adding more divs than necessary just to fit their challenge.

So does anyone see value in completing the assignment to do what it’s supposed to and look how it’s supposed to without getting mixed up in “this has to be an id not a class” and “it has to have this name not that name” or am I dumb? I don’t want to spend ton of time on a page that works like it should just to pass the test. Not on this particular project anyway.

There are two main things to get out of these projects:

First, you need to learn how to take a set of user stories and convert them into code that fulfills the stories’ requirements. In the real world, you may be given the task to write html and css using very specific id and class names, because the logic side of the application (written in JavaScript) needs to be able to access these named elements to perform some other task.

Second, you should try to be creative and make your project stand out and not just mimic the demo. It is strictly there as example and not meant to be something copied exactly.

I didn’t see that I could view what I got wrong on codepen. This is much easier now.